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Torrez, April
First Grade Teacher
atorrez@esc17.netLevelland ISD: South Elementary School
Torrez, Marty
Social Studies Teacher/Coach
martintorrez@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Torrez, Mary
Social Studies Teacher
mtorrez@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Trujillo, Timothy
Theatre Arts Teacher/One Act Play
ttrujillo@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Tucek, Trevor
ttucek@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Tucker, Linda
First Grade Teacher
ltucker@esc17.netLevelland ISD: South Elementary School
Tucker, Sky
stucker@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Turnbow, Julie
ELA Teacher
jturnbow@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Turner, Jennifer
Music Teacher
jturner@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Intermediate School
Turner, Melody
Reading Interventionist Teacher
melodyturner@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Intermediate School
Turrentine, Nancy
4th Math/Science Teacher
nturrentine@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Intermediate School
Underwood, Amanda
Technology Teacher
aunderwood@esc17.netLevelland ISD: South Elementary School
Utley, Barbara
K Teacher
butley@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
VanCleve, Jennifer
Life Skills Teacher
jvancleve@esc17.netLevelland ISD: South Elementary School
VanZandt, Kristy
3rd Grade
kristyvanzandt@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Capitol Elementary School
Vargas, Sally
Teaching Assistant
cvargas@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Vasquez, Victoria
vvasquez@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Vergara, Jessica
Inclusion Teacher
jvergara@esc17.netLevelland ISD: South Elementary School
Vestal, Tori
5th Math Inclusion (SPED)
vvestal@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Intermediate School
Villanueva, Laurie
4th Math/Science Teacher
lvillanueva@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Intermediate School
Villanueva, Whitney
5th Math/Science Teacher
wvillanueva@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Intermediate School
Villarreal, Eimy
Life Skills Aide
Levelland ISD: South Elementary School
Waddill, Stacey
swadill@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Wade, Carlo
Math Teacher
carlowade@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Warren, Shannon
PK Teacher
swarren@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Watkins, Kendra
kwatkins@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Capitol Elementary School
Weatherred, Stan
swestherred@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Whisenant, Judy
Nurse at Capitol, LIS, and HS
jwhisenant@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Capitol Elementary School
White, Terri
twhite@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Intermediate School
Wiles, Callie
Life Skills Teacher
cwiles@esc17.netLevelland ISD: South Elementary School
Wilkins, Vicky
Special Education Teacher
vwilkins@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Williams, Laurie
4th ELAR/Social Studies Teacher
lawilliams@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Intermediate School
Williams, Toni
twilliams@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Willis, Alyssa
Music Teacher
Levelland ISD: South Elementary School
Wilson, D'Nae
Biology and Advanced Animal Science Teacher
jillwilson@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Wilson, Danny
PE Teacher/Coach
dwilson@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Wolfe, Krista
Focus Aide
Levelland ISD: South Elementary School
Wood, Robert
rwood@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Worley, Charlotte
1st Grade
cworley@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Capitol Elementary School
Young, Jeff
Educational Diagnostician
jyoung@esc17.netLevelland ISD
Young, Melissa
myoung@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Zapata, Letty
Inclusion Teaching Assistant
Levelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Zubriate, Whitney
PK Teacher
wzubriate@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
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