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Name:Contact:Campus Name:
Chaney, Laura
lchaney@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Chase, Kristi
1st Grade
kchase@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Capitol Elementary School
Chavarria, Anita
Teaching Assistant
achavarria@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Clanton, Brad
jclanton@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Clanton, Melissa
6th/7th Math and SpEd Instructional Facilitator
Levelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Clowe, Mixie
Social Studies Teacher
mclowe@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Coats, Sommer
scoats@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Cochran, Jill
Educational Diagnostician
jcochran@esc17.netLevelland ISD
Coe, Felicita
Teaching Assistant
fcoe@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Coffey, Dr. Nancy
LSSP Intern
ncoffey@esc17.netLevelland ISD
Cogdill, Charla
Science Teacher
ccogdill@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Cohen, Jane
jcohen@esc17.netLevelland ISD
Combs, Morgan
Third Grade Teacher
mcombs@esc17.netLevelland ISD: South Elementary School
Copeland, Shannon
District Testing Coordinator
scopeland@esc17.netLevelland ISD
Copeland, Shannon
Testing Coordinator
scopeland@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Coronado, Christine
K Teaching Assistant
ccoronado@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Crilly, Jordan
jcrilly@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Cristan, Sandra
Spanish Teacher
scristan@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Cruz, Kutty
Food Service
Levelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Dagley, Brittany
Technology Teacher
bdagley@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Daniel, James
Science Teacher
jdaniel@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Darnell, Sandy
sdarnell@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Intermediate School
Davila, Letty
Teaching Assistant
mdavila@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Davis, Annie
Dyslexia Teacher
annadavis@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Davis, Ashley
Science Teacher
adavis@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Davis, Delight
English Teacher/Head Girls Golf
delightdavis@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Davis, Jessica
Educational Diagnostician
jessicadavis@esc17.netLevelland ISD
Davis, Vicki
SPECO Speech Pathologist Assistant
vdavis@esc17.netLevelland ISD
Day, Calvin
cday@esc17.netLevelland ISD
De Luna, Diane
5th Science/Social Studies Teacher
ddeluna@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Intermediate School
De Luna, Elizabeth
4th ELAR/Social Studies Teacher
edeluna@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Intermediate School
Demel, Bucky
Science Teacher/Robotics
bdemel@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Demerritt, Jean
ELA Teacher
jdemerritt@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Dent, Valerie
vdent@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Capitol Elementary School
Diaz, Rosa
PK Teaching Assistant
rdiaz@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Dowell, Jana
Secretary to the Director of Personnel and Adm Services
jdowell@esc17.netLevelland ISD
Drachenberg, Charee
cdrachenberg@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Drake, Mary Ann
Social Studies Teacher
mdrake@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Drum, Sjanna
Occupational Therapist
sdrum@esc17.netLevelland ISD
Duff, Paula
pduff@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Durham, Randi
Teaching Assistant
rvidales@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Intermediate School
Dyess, Carol
Second Grade Teacher
cdyess@esc17.netLevelland ISD: South Elementary School
Ehlo, Gale
5th Math/Science Teacher
gschneider@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Intermediate School
Elam, Jordan
Social Studies Teacher/Assistant Boys Coach
jelam@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Escamilla, Sandra
Teaching Assistant
sescamilla@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Escudero, Laura
Spanish Teacher
lescudero@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Eugenis, Shelbi
Levelland ISD: South Elementary School
Ewerz, John
Business Teacher
Levelland ISD: Levelland High School
Ewings, Latova
Inclusion Teacher
lewings@esc17.netLevelland ISD: South Elementary School
Flores, Debra
Teaching Assistant
Debraflores@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Intermediate School
Flores, Dolores
1st Grade Teacher
dflores@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Capitol Elementary School
Foley, Barbara
Teaching Assistant
bfoley@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Forsythe, Robin
rforsythe@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Capitol Elementary School
Fortner, Julie
2nd Grade
jfortner@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Capitol Elementary School
Franklin, Susan
Second Grade Teacher
sfranklin@esc17.netLevelland ISD: South Elementary School
Fryar, Janie
Librarian/ELA PLC Leader
jfryar@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Gamez, Gloria
Life Skills Teacher
ggamez@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Garrett, Shelby
PK Teacher
sgarrett@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Garza, Dilly
Teaching Assistant
odiliagarza@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Garza, Mirtha
PE Teaching Assistant
Levelland ISD: South Elementary School
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