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UIL Moves on to Regionals

Posted Date: 04/09/2024

UIL Moves on to Regionals

The LHS UIL Sponsors #expectxcellence & are pleased to share that LHS placed Second in the District UIL Event last Saturday in Big Spring. Thirty students participated, and twenty advanced to Regionals on April 26th and 27th at TTU. Congratulations to all these students who have gone above and beyond their classroom studies to improve themselves! You are showing the world your mastery of knowledge and skills!

The results are:



1st Place Team-Advance to Regional

Austin Ellis - 1st

Alvaro Loza 4th

Cy Jai Mitchell

Emma Pugh


Calculator Applications

2nd Place Team

James Bunker 4th ALT

Nathan Ellis 8th

Joleen Caballero 10th

Amor Gabaldon 16th


Computer Science

1st Place Team-Advance to Regional

Austin Ellis 2nd

Damien West 3rd

Nathan Ellis 4th

Joshua Gipson 6th


Current Issues and Events

Christian Chagoya 5th ALT

Lavannah Simental 7th


Literary Criticism

Amor Gabaldon 7th



1st Place Team-Advance to Regional

Michelle Bustillos 2nd

James Bunker 2nd

Nathan Ellis 5th

William Canon 20th

Rosa Servin 24th

Joleen Caballero 27th



1st Place Team-Advance to Regional

News Writing

Ada Niederhauser 1st

Galilea Hernandez 2nd

Zachary Lopez 3rd

All advance to Regional


Copy Editing

Ada Niederhauser 2nd-Advance to Regional

Galilea Hernandez 4th ALT


Editorial Writing

Ada Niederhasuer 2nd-Advance to Regional

Elizabeth Hackler 3rd-Advance to Regional

Anjali Gutierrez 4th ALT


Feature Writing

Fabiola Hernandez 2nd-Advance to Regional


Headline Writing

Amor Gabaldon 3rd-Advance to Regional


Number Sense

Alvaro Loza 2nd-Advance to regional


3rd place Speech team

Poetry Interpretation

Richelle Ridge 4th ALT


Prose Interpretation

Grace Bateman 4th ALT



2nd Place Team

James Bunker 1st-Advance to Regional

Grason Edens 8th

Zachary Swain 21st


Biology - Grason 4th

Chemistry - James 1st

Physics - Zachary 3rd, James 4th


Social Studies

Christian Chagoya 3rd-Advance to Regional

Mason Lawhon 5th ALT



Fabiola Hernandez 10th

Karma Mitchell 11th

Avani Lopez 16th