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Instructional Services

The Director of Instructional Services for the District, Donna Pugh, works under the supervision of the Superintendent of Schools and coordinates her responsibilities with other Central Office Administrators. Mrs. Pugh is responsible for all federal Title programs, including Migrant Education, which is headquartered at the Carver Learning Center. Mrs. Pugh is also in charge of the Bilingual/ESL program which provides instruction to all limited English proficient students at all campuses except South Elementary.

The summer school program is coordinated through Mrs. Pugh and several grants are utilized to fund these programs. This position is also responsible for the District's at-risk program. Mrs. Pugh utilizes funding from state compensatory education to provide services for students who have been identified as being at-risk. Another federally funded program she oversees is the Carl Perkins Career and Technology Program. This is a supplemental funding source that is used to upgrade the District's career and technology programs.

Mrs. Pugh is actively involved in the design and implementation of the District's technology plan. She works with the District PEIMS Coordinator to ensure that campus and District data is accurate and complete. This will enable the District to obtain the maximum funding from the state and federal government.

Mrs. Pugh works with other administrators to ensure that students receive the most appropriate education possible by directing the District's grant writing, personnel recruiting, parental involvement, and adult education programs. While serving as the 504 Coordinator for the District, Mrs. Pugh is charged with ensuring that identified students receive the appropriate education with consideration given to their disabilities.

In addition to the preceding responsibilities, Mrs. Pugh works closely other Central Office Administrators to provide appropriate staff development and also ensures that the District Improvement Plan (DIP) has satisfied all federal and state requirements regarding funding and programmatic issues. Mrs. Pugh is also responsible for the e-rate program and submits the appropriate paperwork in order to receive discounts for technology services and equipment.

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