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Adkins, David
ELA Teacher
dadkins@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Aguilera, Blanca
Teaching Assistant
baguilera@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Albright, Cindy
PEIMS Secretary
calbright@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Alexander, Amy
PK Teacher
amyalexander@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Alexander, Sherry
Secretary to the Superintendent
salexander@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD
Armes, Priscilla
Administrative Assistant
parmes@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Austin, April
5th Science Teacher
aaustin@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Intermediate School
Austin, Barbi
Math Teacher
baustin@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Baccus, Robin
Educational Diagnostician
rbaccus@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD
Baker, Bonye
bbaker@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Bara, Mary
Teaching Assistant
mbara@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: South Elementary School
Barker, Tracy
Library Teacher
tbarker@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Barnes, Jodi
Nurse at LMS and CAC
jbarnes@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Barnett, Andrew
8th Grade Math
abarnett@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Barnett, Christy
Elementary Instructional Specialist
cbarnett@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD
Barnett, Clay
Social Studies/ Head Girls Basketball
claybarnett@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Barnett, Josh
PE Teacher/Coach
wbarnett@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Barrera, Dalia
Head Custodian
Levelland ISD: South Elementary School
Barry, Bridgette
bbarry@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Barry, John
Assistant Band Director
jbarry@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Bautista, Annette
PEIMS Secretary
abautista@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Intermediate School
Bautista, Manuela
Teaching Assistant
mbautista@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Beal, Kelsey
Sports Science Teacher/ Atheltic Trainer
kbeal@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Belew, Kayla
Teaching Assistant
kbelew@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Bell, Jessica
Levelland ISD: Levelland High School
Belt, Sarah
First Grade Math
sbelt@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: South Elementary School
Bennett, Brittney
Speech Language Pathologist
bbennett@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD
Bentley, Kirsten
Life Skills Aide
kbentley@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: South Elementary School
Berry, April
aberry@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Capitol Elementary School
Berry, Randi
First Grade Teacher
rberry@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: South Elementary School
Berumen, Laura
English Teacher
lberumen@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Bierbaum, Jessica
Educational Diagnostician
jbierbaum@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD
Billington, Sandy
sbillington@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Intermediate School
Blackmon, Mikki
ACE Coordinator
mblackmon@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Blair, Francis
Food Service
Levelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Blair, Heidi
Curriculum Director
hblair@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD
Bojarski, Sherry
Vision Instructor
sbojarski@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD
Borunda, Christy
Speech Language Pathologist
cborunda@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD
Bridges, Gary
Assistant Principal
gbridges@llevellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Intermediate School
Brogden, Michael
BIM Teacher/Coach
mbrogden@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Brooks, Erin
Inclusion Teacher
ebrooks@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Brown, Alannah
Math Teacher
alannahbrown@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Brown, Lindsey
Science Teacher
lbrown@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Brown, Melissa
4th ELAR/Social Studies Teacher
mbrown@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Intermediate School
Brown, Sylvia
Food Service
Levelland ISD: Levelland Academic Beginnings Center
Bruce, Matthew
5th ELAR/Social Studies Teacher
mbruce@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Intermediate School
Bryant, Sela
4th Math/Science Teacher
sbryant@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Intermediate School
Buckner, Kelly
Yearbook & Health
kbuckner@esc17.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Burks, Will
Director of Bands
wburks@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Burns, Kaylene
Dyslexia & Reading Specialist
kburns@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Burton, Gene
Social Studies Teacher
gburton@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Middle School
Byrd, Ty
mbyrd@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Caddell, Rodney
Director of Personnel and Administrative Services
rcaddell@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD
Camacho, Leo
Art Teacher/Art Club
lcamacho@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Campbell, Mandi
Reading Specialist
acampbell@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: South Elementary School
Carrizales, Martha
3rd Grade
mcarrizales@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Capitol Elementary School
Castillo, Melissa
melissacastillo@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Cavitt, James
Shop Teacher
jamescavitt@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Cavitt, Kyle
Social Studies Teacher/Assistant Boys Coach
kcavitt@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland High School
Chambers, Kree
ACE Coordinator
kchambers@levellandisd.netLevelland ISD: Levelland Intermediate School
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